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Книги Hunter S Thompson
The Rum Diary
Автор: Hunter S Thompson
Издательство: Daedalus Books, 2004
Жанр: Daedalus Books
Страниц: 224 страницы
Загрузил: allkonekt, 08 марта 2008
   Paul Kemp has moved from New York to the steamy heat of Puerto Rico to work at the Daily News. He starts hanging out at Al's Backyard, a local den selling booze and hamburgers to vagrant journalists who are mostly crazy drunks on the verge of quitting. Then he meets Yeamon, whose delectable girlfriend has Kemp stewing in his own lust. But the idle tension that builds up in places where men sweat twenty-four hours a day is reaching a violent breaking point.
Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the '80s
Автор: Hunter S. Thompson
Издательство: Picador, 2010
Жанр: Picador
Страниц: 304 страницы
Загрузил: stalker1965, 7 декабря 2013
   'Most smart people tend to feel queasy when the conversation turns to things like 'certain death' and 'total failure' and the idea of 'a doomed generation'. But not me. I am comfortable with these themes'. Hunter S. Thompson, celebrated author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, has been writing a weekly column for the San Francisco Examiner for the last two years. Those columns are collected here to offer a chronicle of the adventures of a Generation of Swine. The incomparable 'Dr Gonzo' has journeyed no small distance in search of intelligent life and reports back, instead, on the demented state of current events. He keeps tabs on the 1998 presidential race, quotes from the Bible (reference books in hotel rooms are supplied exclusively by the Gideons) and asks why the President appears to be a hundred and twenty-eight years old. 'He is working from a dementia that no one in his right mind would want to share. It is the dementia, however, that makes Thompson great' — Playboy. 'His hallucinated vision strikes one as having been, after all, the sanest' — Nelson Algren.
Hell's Angels
Автор: Hunter S. Thompson
Издательство: Penguin Group, 2003
Жанр: Penguin Group
Страниц: 288 страниц
Загрузил: vitalysev, 13 февраля 2009
   With ‘long hair in the wind, beards and bandanas flapping, earrings, chain whips … and Harleys flashing chrome’, the Hell’s Angels erupted into 1960s America, paralysing whole towns with fear. Determined to discover the truth behind the terrifying reputation of these marauding biker gangs, Hunter S. Thompson spent a year on the road with the Angels, documenting his hair-raising experiences with Charger Charley, Big Frank, Little Jesus and the Gimp. Hell’s Angels was the result: a masterpiece of underground reportage whose freewheeling, impressionistic style created the legend of Gonzo journalism, and made Thompson’s name as the wild man of American writing.
Ancient Gonzo Wisdom
Автор: Hunter S. Thompson
Издательство: Picador, 2010
Жанр: Picador
Страниц: 412 страниц
Загрузил: leo17, 15 сентября 2016
   Bristling with inspired observations and wild anecdotes, this collection offers unique insight into the voice and mind of the inimitable Hunter S. Thompson, as recorded over the decades in the pages of Playboy, the Paris Review, Esquire, in various lectures, and in television appearances, many in print for the first time. Fearless and unsparing, the interviews detail some of the most storied episodes of Thompson's life: his savage beating at the hands of the Hell's Angels, his talking football with Nixon on the 1972 Campaign Trail ('the only time in twenty years of listening to the treacherous bastard that I knew he wasn't lying'); his razor-sharp insight into the Bush-Cheney administration, his unlikely run for Sheriff of Aspen, and his successful public battle, during the last years of his life, to free an innocent woman from prison. In addition, Hunter Thompson's passionate tirades about journalism, culture, drugs, guns, and the law showcase his singular voice at its fiercest. Complete with an exclusive introduction by author, journalist, and cultural critic Christopher Hitchens, Ancient Gonzo Wisdom genuinely embraces the brilliance of Hunter S. Thompson — his life, his voice, and his legacy — to provide an enduring portrait of the great gonzo journalist. 'Four years after his death, the rapid-fire wit and venom of Thompson's writing is undiminished. Ancient Gonzo Wisdom features classic HST interviews' — GQ.
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